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Why Should You Get an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating?

epoxy garage floor orlando flIf you own a commercial garage or warehouse, then you’re likely to be all too familiar with the headaches that come with running a garage. And one of the constant headaches is your concrete flooring within your garage.

Concrete flooring is really the only option when it comes to supplying flooring for your garage, and while it’s a great option, out of the box, it can leave some things to be desired. One of these things is stain resistance: A garage flooring has little. And when you work in a garage full of oils and paints and clumsy hands to knock them around, it doesn’t take long for your concrete flooring to start looking pretty splotched and messy.

Now, you don’t run a garage because you want something beautiful to show off to your friends. Mess is just a part of it. But still: It’s your business. You take pride in it, and a great way of showing that pride is to keep your business looking great. And stains certainly don’t help in that endeavor.

If you want to protect your garage flooring against stains, then an epoxy garage floor coating is just the thing for you! An epoxy floor coating will add a protective sealer to your garage floor, making stains easy to wipe up and keeping your garage looking beautiful!

But if aesthetics aren’t enough for you, then perhaps practicality is. After all, you’re a business owner. You like to think practically. For that reason, you’ll LOVE an epoxy garage floor coating for the many great practical benefits it can offer -- benefits which include the following:


You’re in business for the long haul. A great way to ensure longevity for your business is to be sure that its infrastructures are made to last, and with epoxy floor coating in Orlando, you can bet that your garage flooring will last just as long as you need it to.

Epoxy garage flooring has a distinctly longer lifespan than many other flooring options, one which can be matched only by concrete. If you want to protect your garage floors, just set your epoxy and forget your epoxy. It’ll do all the work you need it to for many, many years to come.


Concrete is strong, absolutely. But a garage will put that strength to the test, and how does it do so? Easy: by testing its strength under heavy machinery and vehicles every single day. These heavy loads can put a serious strain on your concrete floor -- strain which can develop into cracks and other structural issues.

Another great benefit you can enjoy with an epoxy floor coating is that it will protect your floors from cracks that might develop from heavy loads. Combined with its longevity, epoxy floor covering can keep your garage floor in great shape for many years to come!


In such a dangerous setting as a garage, it’s important to be able to clearly see everything around you to avoid a painful accident or WORSE. But a concrete floor, with its dingy colors and all, doesn’t provide the best visibility there is.

With an epoxy floor coating, though, you’ll get all the visibility you need to keep yourself and your employees safe in your garage. It does so with its bright, shimmering design that helps shed light on any and all potential threats to your well-being!

Get An Installation By An Expert You Can Trust

If you are in the market for a top-quality epoxy garage floor coating, then call none other than the Orlando painting experts at Concepts in Color Painting LLC. With our many years in the business, we promise you nothing but the highest-quality work when it comes time to installing your epoxy floor!

Does your garage flooring need an epoxy coating in Orlando, FL? Call 407-808-5798 or complete our online request form.

painting contractor orlando fl
painting contractor orlando fl