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Epoxy vs. Metallic Epoxy: Which Should You Get for Your Orlando Business?

epoxy flooring orlando fl If you own a business, you'll want to make sure every one of its components is perfect from top to bottom. And when it comes to the bottom of your business, you'll want to maintain dependable, top-quality flooring.

Some of the best flooring material out there is epoxy. Coming in a standard coating and one with a metallic finish, epoxy can provide a quality for a variety of different kinds of businesses.

Not sure what the best uses of either flooring material are? Not to worry. Just read ahead, and we'll give a quick rundown of what businesses might be best benefitted by an epoxy flooring and a metallic flooring.

Epoxy: Best Uses

Epoxy will make your flooring look great while adding durability to it. And since epoxy takes little time to apply, you can provide your Orlando business with a beautiful and durable flooring option just as quickly as you'd please.

Because of its attractiveness, relatively low expense, and quickness of application, epoxy makes a great flooring option for businesses that experience little impact to the floor. So, waiting rooms, grocery stores, and the like would benefit from epoxy.

Metallic: Best Uses

After applying a coating of epoxy, you might decide you want to go the extra mile and get a metallic coating on top of it. If you do, you'll obviously have to endure a longer and, thus, costlier application. However, the wait and expense can be worth it thanks to the extra durability, slip resistance, and chemical resistance that metallic epoxy can provide.

Because it is so durable and because it can withstand chemical spills, metallic epoxy will prove to be better used in a warehouse or garage. So, while you might be deterred by the initial expense, you might more than welcome the long-term safety benefits that you'll continue to enjoy long after the price tag's sting has faded away.

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painting contractor orlando fl
painting contractor orlando fl