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Where To Find Orlando Hurricane Repairs

house painting orlando fl Living through a destructive hurricane is hard enough, but then there are the damages to contend with. As Orlando assesses the damage from hurricane Irma, the stronger structures held up well while most of the damage occurred in the neighborhoods. With the recovery effort already beginning, finding an Orlando hurricane repair contractor isn't easy.

At Concepts in Color Painting, we want everyone to get the help they need. This is why we are focusing on services that can assist you with hurricane repairs. As reconstruction and restoration crews are busy doing more extensive work, we are able to help you with certain restoration services.

The leadership at Concepts in Color express our concern for you and your family. We hope that you have experienced limited damage and that your family members are safe.

We are announcing this week that we are prepared to offer immediate assistance with several hurricane repair services including drywall repair, cabinetry repair, stucco repair, finish painting, and caulking of replacement windows.

If you live in Orlando or in the surrounding communities, you can book our hurricane repair service now or get a free estimate by calling 407-808-5798 today.

Drywall Repair After Flooding

Some neighborhoods in Orlando were flooded in spite of the draining of the natural basin by county employees to make room for the hurricane storm surge. Over 135 residents had to be rescued by law enforcement but many homes only sustained minor damage from the flood waters.

Flooding causes damage to the lower sections of homes including the drywall, cabinetry, stucco, paint, and more. As the water has receded, it's a time when drywall repairs and other restorations to take place.

It is all too easy for mold and mildew to start growing behind drywall. This is why it is so often removed in the lower wall areas to dry out the inside. Once the home is dry, the drywall has to be repaired.

Drywall repairs in Orlando are available at Concepts in Color Painting. We are very adept at putting this portion of your home back together without a trace left of the hurricane damage.

Cabinetry Repair

Another area that sustains significant hurricane damage during flooding is the lower cabinets in a home. Most cabinets are made of pressed wood or particle board which doesn't stand up well to water damage. Replacing the inside base of cabinets takes some carpentry skills so cabinetry repairs are one home project that's best left to the pros.

Stucco Repairs

Stucco is a wonderfully durable material, but it can get damaged by hurricane storms. Irma has done a lot of exterior and interior stucco damage. Whether it's a spot touch up or all the exterior stucco that needs repairs, we are prepared to take care of you promptly.

Finish Painting

Repainting flood and storm damaged buildings is important to restore the property. Residents who have been affected by Hurricane Irma or any other storm need to allow time for the building to dry out before undertaking the repainting.

If water has entered the inside of your home, there could be irreversible damage that needs to be repaired. This may include replacing damaged plasterboard walls, replacing the stucco, and repairing the cabinetry.

Once the mud and silt are removed from the wall cavities and the building is thoroughly dry, repairs can start and finally painting. It is highly important to dry the home or the primer and paint will not adhere properly.

Your painter may need to flake the damaged paint off and fill the cracks with sealant or plaster. Any texture that existed before will need to be reapplied. Concepts in Color Painting can take care of all this for you, right down to the finish painting.

Caulking on Replacement Windows

Part of the hurricane recovery process may include replacing windows. If your windows have been replaced, call us for caulking service. Whether it's caulking on replacement windows, repairing cabinetry, walls, trimwork, or finish painting to help restore your hurricane damaged home in Orlando, we have you covered.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our Orlando Hurricane Repairs, please call 407-808-5798 or complete our online request form.

painting contractor orlando fl
painting contractor orlando fl